Please read the guidelines for RMA's and Shipment carefully.

RMA returns that do not follow the guidelines listed will be refused.
All products returned for service may be subject to a $125 per hour evaluation fee.


All products purchased from Grande Vitesse Systems (GVS) that are found to be
defective, while still within the GVS's warranty term, can be given an
RMA number under the following conditions:

All RMA's are given by fax or mail ONLY.

The customer must complete the GVS RMA Request Form and supply a copy of their
proof of purchase when requesting an RMA  number. (The packing slip or the
invoice is acceptable for proof of purchase.)

All RMA's are for non-cancelable exchange, repair and return, or replacement
only. This is subject to availability and the supplier's policies regarding the

Discontinued, obsolete part numbers or products not available to GVS will be
given an RMA for repair only.

GVS passes the Manufacturer's warranty through to its customers; in accordance
with this policy, all warranty conditions are subject to change without notice.

Products returned as defective will be tested upon receipt. If any product
returned is found to be working properly to the printed specifications, the
customer will be charged a flat fee of $125 per product for testing,
verification and handling.


1. All RMA products must be returned in the original box with all literature,
packaging materials, and accessories, as purchased. Proper substitute packaging
will be accepted on products purchased in bulk on the condition that the
following guidelines are abided by:

A.. Each motherboard, controller and, hard drive must be in separate anti-static

B. Anti-static bags must be in anti-static foam or bubble wrap.

C. Product must be packed tightly into a box.

2. The RMA should be clearly indicated on the exterior of the box on a removable
label. RMA  numbers written on the original manufacturer's box will be rejected.
Do not deface the boxes.

3. This RMA  number is valid for 10 days. Be sure that the product is returned
within this time.